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Fab Kitty Paws are made from a nontoxic vinyl resin that once applicated won't effect your cat when they extend or retract their claws.  Fab Kitty Caps can last 4-6 weeks when applied properly,  growing with their nails and falling off when the nail naturals sheds.

Fab Kitty Paws are a simple solution when pet scratching becomes an issue and the preferred alternative to declawing your cat. They are made for easy application.

With over 40 different colors to choose from you can have fun and do your cats nails the same as yours, or even have them Glow in the dark!

With an endless amounts combinations you can have your cats nails match the holiday or even you favorite sports teams!

In 4 different sizes.  

Our Fab Kitty Paw Models

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Fabulous Feline